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Nicolas STAMPF 05-04-2004 12:16 PM

Can't decide between Relations::Family and Class::DBI

I've just read documentation for both packages, and I can't seem to
decide which one to use.

I have some simple database things to do, but I'd like to have my code
prepared for possible future complications. I'm not going to use
Relations::Display or things like that, and I'll probably end up using
the Template Toolkit...

There's some other doc on Class::DBI on the net, but few (if any?) on
Relations::Family (which is the first I stumbled accross when looking
at CPAN).

I'm far from being a Perl guru, just doing the basics (I'd prefer to
'use English;' rather than $~#{#[~{[{[ things ;)

Any help to decide? It seems to me that Class::DBI is simpler, but I
may miss something?


Relations::Family is at
Class::DBI is at

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