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Ripley7173 11-10-2003 12:36 AM

Taking the plunge...
I've been using a Sony DSC-S30 for almost 5 years now. It actually takes great
pictures, but having to keep to a 4x6 size bothers me. I borrowed a friend's
Cannon S-50 in August and really liked it. I even had a few pictures enlarged
to 12x18 and they look fantastic! This was one ~>
mFQYMXJcDsWaciY1KQ2MiNMxZkRmEJ7qYWzx0lUdwBM%3d&pag eName=AlbumViewFromEmails

So of course, now my dinosaur of a Sony just won't do. And the Cannon is a
little bit out of my price range. At first I thought I'd go for the Sony
DSC-P92 since it's less expensive, 5mp and I'm already familiar with Sony, have
memory cards, ect. But after doing my homework, I'm leaning towards the Minolta
Dimage G500. I like that I can use the memory cards I already have and that
it's smaller, ect. Anything I should be aware of before finalizing my decision?
This is for strictly amateur usage (pictures of my kids, ect) Advice is
appreciated. TIA!

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