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David Mertz, Ph.D. 07-18-2003 06:22 PM

_Text Processing in Python_
At the risk of heresy, I though I might let readers of this group know
that I have written a book for Addison Wesley with the title listed in
the subject line. Obviously, readers are here because they program in
Perl; I hardly want to engage in a language war. But my book -does-
address how to do many of the things that Perl is best at, but in the
context of another popular programming language.

Anyway, you can buy my book, or you can read the complete source text

I encourage both of those. But I am writing here primarily for a
different purpose. I would be very interested in getting members of
the Perl community to write reviews of my book. In a way, it's hard
to imagine better experts for evaluation of my title than y'all. Of
course, I am ready for reviews that start "You can do it better in
Perl..."; hopefully they'll continue past the opening.

If someone here thinks they might like to publish a review of _TPiP_,
let me know so I can work out getting you a free review copy. Or you
can write to AW directly--they're even more interested in promoting my
book than I am, since they wind up with most of the money :-).

Yours, David Mertz

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