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Editor 08-02-2003 08:10 AM

Re: third party print fulfilment sites/hosts
Check out It seems they do exactly what you want.

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"JC Dill" <> wrote in message
> I know that there are websites where you can upload your pictures then
> select and print (and pay the site's list price) for prints in various
> sizes. On those sites, all of the money that is paid goes to the
> company that prints the images.
> I *think* that I've also seen sites where professional photographers
> upload their prints, visitors can visit, select prints they want
> printed, order and pay, and the site fulfills the print order, deducts
> their cost for the prints, and then pays the difference to the site
> owner (the photographer). I'm not having any luck finding these
> hosts, and would appreciate any links that point me in that direction.
> Thanks!
> jc

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