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Juan Carlos Allica 07-15-2005 05:29 PM

error trying to simulate NCO form quartus in matlab
i have a prob with the path but the code i used is from quartus core
compiler so its not my own matlab code is quartus code , anyone has had the
same prob ?

Warning: Name is nonexistent or not a directory:
> In C:\MATLAB6p5\toolbox\matlab\general\path.m at line 116

In C:\MATLAB6p5\toolbox\matlab\general\addpath.m at line 88
In C:\vhdl\src\mine\nco2.m at line 9
In C:\vhdl\src\mine\nco2_tb.m at line 26

??? Undefined function or variable 'Sncomodel'.

Error in ==> C:\vhdl\src\mine\nco2.m
On line 40 ==> [s,c] =
Sncomodel(phi_inc_i,phase_mod_i,freq_mod_i,apr,mpr ,apri,aprp,aprf,dpri,arch,dual,N);

Error in ==> C:\vhdl\src\mine\nco2_tb.m
On line 26 ==> [sin_out,cos_out] = nco2(phi_inc_i,phase_mod_i,freq_mod_i);

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