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Doug Warner 07-13-2003 12:07 AM

Modified pistol grip ballhead on monopod.

In case anyone is interested:

I wanted to try a ballhead on my monopod, and had an unused Manfrotto
3265 pistol grip head lying around. Mounted in the standard manner,
I found it difficult to use, in that the camera swings in a large arc
due to it's distance from the ball, and I needed to shift my grip
between adjusting and shooting. (One hand on monopod, other on head
grip to adjust)

As you can see in the photo above, I inverted the 3265 head after
removing the QR plate, cutting off the locating lug under it, adding a
new mouting nut at the "top" and removing as much heavy metal as

Now, the head's grip portion becomes an extension of the monopod,
leaving the right hand free to hold the camera and operate the

The most difficult part was making a custom 1/4 x 20 nut for the top
(now bottom) of the grip to bring the threads flush with the surface
for good engagement with the monopod's threaded stud. :

Tools used:
Drill press: to drill and mill the excess metal away.
Metal lathe: To modify a barrel nut and to thin the original "base".

Note: If you disasemble this head, loosen the tension mechanism, and
the lever setscrew.
Separate the halves slightly at the top and rotate the spring plunger
90 degrees. This will let you remove the plunger and spring past the
Separate the halves completely, taking care that the tension spring
doesn't fly off somewhere. (Like it did for me).
It's just a camera, not a religion!

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Trajabador 07-13-2003 02:18 PM

Re: Modified pistol grip ballhead on monopod.
This is an extremely clever and useful twist - outstanding work! I don't
have the equipment to duplicate your effort, but that doesn't prevent me
admiring it.

"Doug Warner" <> wrote in message

In case anyone is interested:


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