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Master Tech 07-11-2003 12:24 AM

Re: X Drive II won't work under Win98SE
On Thu, 10 Jul 2003 13:39:07 +0100, "gsum" <> wrote:

>Do you mean the X'S drive - a USB storage device?
>USB is not well supported by WIN 98. I had a similar
>problem with a USB card reader due to contention
>with a USB CD drive. The (partial) solution was to
>unplug the CD drive (the drivers do not need to be removed) if I wanted to
>use the reader - not very
>convenient. You might also need to re-install the

Yes it is with WIN98SE..

>"Alfred Molon" <> wrote in message
>> I bought an X-Drive II and inserted a formatted 20GB HDD. Transferring
>> images from the memory cards to the X-Drive seems to work.
>> Then I made the mistake to install the driver software (am using 98SE)
>> without the X-Drive being connected to the computer. After connecting the
>> X-Drive all devices were recognised and installed properly, but the X-
>> Drive just wouldn't show up among the drives. The computer froze
>> (msgsrv32 not responding etc.).
>> I then uninstalled the driver software, connected the X-Drive to the
>> computer, switched it on, tried installing again the driver software -
>> without success. Lots of system freezes. What can I do ?
>> --
>> Alfred Molon
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