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Marvin Margoshes 07-10-2003 05:22 PM

Re: Sending multiple email photos

"HRosita" <hrosita@aol.comnet> wrote in message
> >Marvin Margoshes wrote:

> >One way to get multiple photos past AOL, and some other ISPs who have

> >own notions about what oyu should attach, is to zip the photos into a

> >file, with PKZip or another zipping program. It won't reduce the size of
> >the files because most photo formats are already compressed.

> the original poster has WebTV. Absolutely nothing to do with AOL or other

> Rosita

I don't understand why anyone gets WebTV. For just a few bucks more, one
could have a real PC, which will do the same thing as WebTV, and a lot more.

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