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J. A. Mc. 07-10-2003 04:09 PM

Re: The Learning curve of taking great pictures.
On Thu, 10 Jul 2003 13:31:42 GMT, "DSphotog"
<> found these unused words floating about:

>"S f S" <sufsch@aol.comSUSSAN> wrote in message
>> In article <behskv$pla$>, "David J. Littleboy"

>> writes:
>> >It's called a light meter. Your camera has not one, but at least three
>> >(partial, center weighted, and matrix).
>> >

>> Oh, Yes. and it tells me what aperture, shutter it will be at. But I am

>> if there is a 'meter' that will give me a degree of light. Like the

>weather in
>> c' or in f'. like 32f' or below its freezing point.. Is there such a thing

>> light measurements? and then I wonder if there is a chart that say for 89
>> degree of light you have these setting: 500shutter speed with an F stop of

>> etc etc...
>> Cheeers,
>> Sussan
>> You may Email me taking off my name from my Email address in the header

>> this posted message.

>Guys, if I'm reading her post correctly, what Susan is asking about is a
>color TEMPERATURE meter. I know they exist but it's been quite a while since
>I shopped for one.
>Hope this helps.

That, or a luminance meter such as is used in film or TV stage
lighting. They're usually used in an 'incidence' mode, measuring light
falling on the object, not reflected from.

They give an 'absolute' light reading. Then you have to calculate the
various parts of the exposure equation.

The term to look up is "Footcandles".

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