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Abrasha 07-10-2003 03:13 PM

Re: in-camera charging
C3 wrote:
> For those of you with cameras that require you to take the battery out and
> put it into a charger, how much of an annoyance is this for you?

None for me. I have owned an S400 sinc e the day they came out, and it has not
bothered me. I always do it overnight.

> I'm
> thinking of getting the Canon S400 because of its small size, but I'm
> worried that because it's a small battery, I'll have to take it out quite
> often when taking photos.

Of course this depends entirely on your shooting habits. On my recent vacation
(I just returned a few days ago), I took an average of 50 pictures a day. Some
people take at least 4 times as many shots a day. Of course they will run out
of battery power and will need at least one backup battery.


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