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Ron Hunter 07-10-2003 02:57 PM

Re: 98 vs. XP for digital photography
Alfred Molon wrote:

> In article <Xns93B3BEE2CA8C7nntprogerscom@>,
> says...
>>>read somewhere that XP is a memory hog, occupying up to half a GB.

>>XP uses more memory than 98, but the added stability and features (Power
>>Saving, NTFS, etc) are well worth it.

> Stability isn't that much of an issue. What I'd like to have is raw
> speed. Looks like I'll have to add extra memory quite soon.

If you want raw speed, spend your money on more ram and a faster
processor and faster disk. The OS won't make that much difference, but
the twentieth time you crash on 98SE while my XP machine rattles on
reliably you might notice a bit of difference in throughput.

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