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Jeffrey Cohen 07-10-2003 01:34 PM

Re: What film body to pair with a D100
Many will scoff at this reply, but... I have an N80 and a Sony 4MP
DSC-S85. In many respects, the S85 takes better pictures than the N80.
Now, it could certainly be that the photographer's fault, but when I
shoot in fully automatic mode, comparying picture to picture, I get
sharper pictures with better color rendition on my Sony digital than I
do with my fancy N80.

I can see where it would be convenient to have both a film and digital
body that share common lenses and accessories, but at this stage of the
game, I would invest my money in more lenses and stay digital.

For example, I'm using the Nikon 28 - 135 AF "D" Zoom on my N80. Its a
fine lense, but it is only truly sharp at its sweet spot (about 70mm).
In the old days, I used a couple of prime (fixed) Nikon lenses with a
Nikon FE and got much better results than with this zoom.

I would recommend getting a couple of good prime lenses for your D100
instead of spending on the N80 camera body.

That said, the N80 is a great camera for the money.


Tom Scales wrote:
> I'm about to make the D100 plunge, but am new to Nikon. I'd like a film body
> to share the lenses. Don't want to spend lots of money, so I'll probably buy
> a used one, but know nothing about their bodies.
> Any suggestions?
> Tom

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