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Mike 07-10-2003 07:05 AM

Re: Looks great in Photoshop, dull everywhere else!

"SRB" <> wrote in message
> Ack, what a frustrating problem.
> First let me state that I've done my homework on Google about
> color-spaces and think I understand them fairly well... though
> obviously not well enough.
> I have an image taken with a Nikon Coolpix 2100 (that uses a fake sRGB
> profile) which I load into Photoshop 7.0.1. It looks amazing - the
> reds particularly are nice and deep. I get these great colors both
> when my "working space" is set to sRGB or Adobe 1998, and they remain
> whether I convert the image on load to my working space or use the
> embedded space (but using no space looks over-exposed).
> HOWEVER, every other image display program I've tried does not show as
> rich an image as PS!! The reds are quite dull!! I've tried to coax
> this nice image out of PS but everything I save and view elsewhere
> looks dull too! The only thing I can do to preserve the richness is to
> take a freakin' screen capture of Photoshop and then crop and save
> that. Obviously that's unacceptable and there's something that I'm
> missing.
> If you have any theories on why this may be I'd love to know... thanks
> in advance.
> -SRB

Could be double correction.
I found that when I loaded photocopy on to the computer first time the print
wisywig with the screen when I calibrated in the normal way everything went
haywire, colour wise.

I started again by removing all profiles then re-calabrating. making sure
the white and black points are spot on even so its pig to get right youd
think the top program would make fool proof Its near perfect but not quite.

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