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Todd Walker 07-04-2003 03:51 AM

Re: Studio Flash Kit
In article < >, says...
> Hi guys,
> I am looking to buy a portable lighting kit to use for "location"
> shooting (portraits and glamour) with a digital camera.
> I am trying to decidebetween a Photopearl system (constant lighting)or
> a Portaflash system. I need a complete system as I currently only
> have a camera mounted flash gun.
> Details are here:
> Any suggestions and advice gratefully recieved.
> Also, any reccomendations for dealers in the UK that may offer better
> value than Jessops.

Stay away from hot lights. As David pointed out, they get very hot and
don't put out anywhere near the light that a strobe will.

If you want a good quality set of monolights for a fair price, look at -- I have the B800 firing into either a 32" umbrella
or a 12" square softbox (Westcott Mini Apollo) as my main light, and a
Vivitar 285HV on a light stand firing into a 16" umbrella as my fill and
it works great. Here is an example of a portrait with this setup:

Good luck!

Todd Walker
Olympus E20
Canon G2
My Digital Photography Weblog:

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