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Tesselator 06-23-2003 05:26 AM

Some of my recent drivellings

Except for the first two these represent some expirimentation with the
Nikon 880 Bulb (B) shutter setting. No post-precessing was done to them
besides resizing them down from 2048x1530 to a size suitable for http.

(The first two just happened to be in the same folder when I sent them
up to the "sendpix" site).

O :-D

While I'm not new to Silver Oxide, I'm very new to digital still cameras
and wanted to test out how CCDs do in long exposures (2 to 20 seconds)
in both high and low contrast settings. Needless to say these are
only the 10% that had an interesting enough composition to share.

O ;-)

Any questions or comments are very welcome.

Tesselator 06-28-2003 08:42 PM

Re: Some of my recent drivellings

> > > Forbidden
> > > You don't have permission to access
> > >

> > No disasemble or assemble for that matter
> > Johnny Five

> Works just fine for me.
> Time to update, or check your settings...

yup... I just tried it myself again from a different machine and it worked ok.

Btw, what does that mean: "No disasemble or assemble" ?

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