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Jim Byrd 10-31-2005 03:37 AM

Re: Delete file
Hi F. Kasner - From my Blog, Defending Your Machine, addy below in my

"Sometimes the tools below will find files which they are unable to delete
because they are in use.

A program called Copylock, here, can
aid in the process of "replacing, moving, renaming or deleting one or many
files which are currently in use (e.g. system files like comctl32.dll, or
virus/trojan files.)"

Another is Killbox, here:

A third which is a bit different but often very useful is Delete Invalid
File, here: which handles invalid/UNC
file/folder name deleting, rather than the in use problem.

A fourth useful program is Unlocker, here:
.. " Simply right click the folder or file
and select Unlocker. If the folder or file is locked, a window listing of
lockers will appear. Simply select the lockers and click Unlock and you are
done!" Works as advertised and is particularly helpful in identifying
malware components which are 'protecting' each other."

Regards, Jim Byrd, MS-MVP/DTS/AH-VSOP
My Blog, Defending Your Machine, here:

"fkasner" <> wrote in message
news:QSy8f.7156$ t
> I have a video file (copied from tape and pur it on a DVD) that is 21
> GB. I'd like to delete it but I can't delete it from the HD. I've tried
> changing the attributes, tried to delete it in safe mode, tried some old
> DOS programs that still run under Win XP Pro and usually worked even up
> to Windows ME. But none of these will erase the file. Luckily the HD is
> 160 GB so it is still not a big problem. But the day will come when the
> 21 GB will be a considerable fraction of available free space on the HD.
> Any help? I know this is a OS problem not a hardware problem since
> others have had similar problems. Note that it should have been able to
> delete in safe mode and I even turned off the Recycle Bin so it didn't
> have the problem of inability to fit the 10% bin that I use.
> TIA you clever guys.
> FK

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