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Ian 05-09-2005 10:29 PM

Re: Dumb newbie question

"David W.E. Roberts" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> quick VOIP question before the FAQ turns up:
> Does VOIP only work in the client/server model i.e. you have to have a 3rd
> party server to connect two VOIP subscribers together, or do you only need
> 3rd party servers to bridge between the IP network (e.g. the Internet) and
> fixed/mobile telecoms subscribers?
> [Thinking in WLAN terms - ad hoc or infrastructure options]

No You can call poit to point. Its just easier to use a proxy.

> To put it another way, can you phone your mate directly as an alternative

> using MSN chat or Netmeeting etc.?
> [O.K. bad analogy as they are client/server]


> The 3rd way (gripping hand?) - can you run a VOIP server on your home

> server and connect incoming from a VOIP phone and from a LAN VOIP phone?

Yes. for more info

> One reason is that I am away from home a lot but have access to a

> connection at my remote location.
> Can I set up VOIP to get free phone calls home?


> O.K. the setup cost may be huge compared with the initial saving, but can

> be done?

Yes and the cost wont be huge either
> Dave R
> --

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