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isptrader 12-15-2005 07:15 PM

WTS Patton VOIP/IPTV Gateway (tiny, low power, lightweight, great warranty & support)

WTS Patton 1T1/1E1 SIP/H323/IGMP VOIP/IPTV Appliance (Smartnode 2300
In stock and ready to ship.

Brand new from manufacturer, with 1 full year warranty, built-in web
interface, and lifetime software and tech support.

Patton's innovative SmartNode VOIP/IPTV Appliance offers
low-cost, lightweight 1U design coupled with integrated support an
warranty. These units deliver voice, data, and multicast video
providers can use SmartNode™ gateways to deliver packet-based
video-on-demand, IPTV and streaming triple-play content t

Weighing less than five pounds, and so efficient it doesn't eve
require a
fan, this tiny unit effectively manages from 1 to 4 PRIs o
traffic - including H.323 and SIP. The SmartNode has a built in web
interface, 1 year manufacturer warranty, and lifetime Patton technical
support and software upgrades. Its tiny footprint and low powe
make it especially useful for deployment in distributed locations.T
more visit, write email to, or call 216-702-7840.

2E1/T1, 3E1/T1, and 4E1/T1 also available.

Rob (company information and catalog)
Pepper Pike, Ohio US


Alexus9350 12-27-2005 08:01 PM

Same thing
:lol::lol: Hahaha, cant believe it! I was going to say -Exactly- tha
a minute ago! :lol::lol

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