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H@rro 11-07-2005 05:43 PM

cisco 7960 hanging on configuring ip.
Hi all,

I bought a refurbished 7960 IP phone on which I recieved today.
Plugged it in
both on network and power, message about VLAN comes up: so far so good ...
Then it
stucks at Configuring IP ... runs for long time, no time out nothing, but in
the mean while I
cannot access the phone either ... does anyone have a tip to hard reset the
phone to
factory default of how I can find out which TFTP server it tries to find?
(as far as I can see in my DHCP server it has aquiered an ip adress) but
also the
webserver on the ipphone is not accessable.

thanks in advance for any reply!


Aman 11-08-2005 11:01 AM

Re: cisco 7960 hanging on configuring ip.
First of all tell Us what setup you have, That is are you trying to
register this phone with callmanager or you are using a sip load on it
and want to provision it with a sip server .

In most cases callmanager is the tftp server and provides the
configuration file for the ipphone to register .Your Dhcp server tell
your ipphone about its tftp that is dhcp uses option 150 in dhcp

voipguy 11-25-2005 04:19 AM

Re: cisco 7960 hanging on configuring ip.
It may have a secure config in it.

Try pressing " * * #" then "more" then "erase".

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