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NEW! Headset adapters for Cisco IP phones.
* Got a Cisco IP phone in an office or a call center environment, and need

We offer the solution that allows you to use a standard cellular
headset with a Cisco IP phone.

* Looking for flexibility and an ability to choose a headset you like?

Our solution allows you to choose whatever cell phone headset you
wish rather than been limited to a narrow range of possibilities.

* Looking for the best price in solving your needs for an office headset?

Costly headsets are always available but we offer the flexible
solution for a fraction of price.

* Want to use a Bluetooth headset in the office environment?

We have the only presently available solution, which allows a
Bluetooth headset to be used with a Cisco IP phone.

* Like your existing cellular headset and want to use it in the office

You can use your same headset in and out of the office and you do
not have to purchase separate headsets for each location.

Introducing the Cisco Headset Adapter - the new way of using your phone.

Here are benefits of using the Cisco Headset Adapter:

PRICE - Total cost for our solution will be $35-45 if you buy a new headset,
or even less, if you use your existing headset.

FLEXIBILITY - Once you have our Headset Adapter you can then choose whatever
cell phone headset you wish. You can even use a standard PC multimedia

SIMPLICITY - Your Cisco IP phone can be adapted for a cell phone headset
with a simple plug-in.

We ship internationally. US Patent pending.

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