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Kyler Laird 08-17-2004 05:09 PM

I'm still looking for an auto-answer speakerphone.
About a year ago I was gung-ho about VoIP and wanted to switch my
home to it. Before doing so, I need to replicate the intercom/
paging functionality of my cheapo AT&T system. I asked about VoIP
phones that could be configured to automatically pick up select
incoming calls in handsfree mode.
I didn't get any leads.

Well, back then I'd ordered some Digium doorstops (USB FXS devices
that didn't get supported) and I didn't get far. I decided to try
again recently and bought an IAXy that often works. Now I want to
try again to replace my home system. First I want to figure out
which phones to use.

So...are there any updates? Can any Asterisk-compatible VoIP or
analog phones be configured to automatically answer some calls
(based on caller ID or, ideally, distinctive ring) in handsfree

Thank you.


Kyler Laird 08-24-2004 02:09 PM

Re: I'm still looking for an auto-answer speakerphone.
I found some info!

('seems like I should have noticed that much earlier.)


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