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Antonio 05-21-2004 08:46 PM

ATA-186 with Software?
Hello, i already have a couple of Sipuras SPA-2000 and i want to add
more ATAs to my network, i've looked at ATA-186 and have some

1- The Cisco reseller is saying that i have to buy a license SW-SMH-UL
with the ATA, why i need this software license? If i'm using FWD i
still need this software license?
2- Does the ATA-186 will communicate with SPA-2000 without problems? I
know that SPA-2000 uses G711u to communicate with FWD.
3- Can i use FWD on ATA-186?


Phil Thompson 05-24-2004 02:00 PM

Re: ATA-186 with Software?
On 21 May 2004 13:46:11 -0700, (Antonio) wrote:

>3- Can i use FWD on ATA-186?

yes, if you download a SIP profile and install it.


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