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RoqueJa 05-22-2005 01:53 AM

PocketPC: Palm: Outlook Palm to WinMobile conversion
Is there an _easy_ way to synchronize palm OS calendar and contacts
data, etc w outlook?

I am upgrading from an old plam device to a new pocketpc running
Windows Mobile 2003 which synchs with Outlook 2002 on the desktop.
I've never run outlook. I keep my calander and contacts in the palm
desktop software.

I'm running winXPpro. I can't find the original disks for the palm
handheld. To move my information I need to sync the palm's data with
outlook. I never installed the conduit to do that (If I even had it).

When I try to upgrade my desktop software so I can install the
conduit I get the error message: "the Win16 subsystem was unable to
enter protected mode, dosx.exe must be in your autoexec.nt and present
in your path."

Does any of this make sense?

Bottom line: Is the some way to get outlook to read the palm files

How are the files formatted?

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