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Redmana 05-01-2005 10:07 AM

Camera wizard still won't run

Symptom: Autorun loads when I connect my camera but when I select camer
wizard etc.. it doesn't run the wizard. It did previously. I know som
people had problems with Autorun but not me.

My OS is XPpro (SP2
I have nero with inCD ( latest upgrade
I installed some software called MR Photo and then removed it throug
add/remove software in contol panels this software added "Smart Star
Up" to my start up items but is now delete
I do not have realplaye
I have run autofix from microsoft,no joy

slideshow/faxviewer works I have read other threads on other sites an
everything checks out, someone somewhere has mentioned that inCD ma
cause problem

I have done thi

You may want to check the program the controls the 'Scanner
( an
Camera Wizard. The program is c:\windows\system32\wiaacmgr. It may b
corrupted. If so you can copy this file from c:\windows\service pac
files\i386\wiaacmgr. I do not know if this is going to solve you
problem but it is the most obvious thing to do firs

and I have thi




When prompted to use camera wizard from autorun nothing happens.

Looking in Control panels/admin../system

WIA has not started whether selected to manual or automatic

If I run wiaacmgr.exe manually i'm asked for device/camera but it's no
in the lis
It's a Traveler DC-6300/Vivicam 4000

It's recognised in my computer as a mass 'storage
( devic
and under properties as

CAMERA 6MP-9J5 'USB Device

Can you anyone advise from this?

Regards Coli

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