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pcbutts1 04-01-2005 03:34 AM

FYI XP SP2 Blocking ends in 2 weeks
I received this email from Microsoft about SP2 blocking.

From Microsoft:

Also, please make sure you understand the nature of the change occurring
April 12 to systems that have blocked Windows XP SP2. We've mentioned it
many times, but I think it bears a little extra explanation this one last
time. The upcoming change affects only PCs for which system administrators
have used a special "DoNotAllowXPSP2" registry key to temporarily disable
delivery of Windows XP SP2 so that they could have more time to plan for
deployment. Although Windows XP SP2 installation was blocked, other critical
security updates were delivered through Automatic Updates and Windows

On April 12, the temporary blocking capability of this registry key expires,
and SP2 will be automatically delivered to systems not already updated --
unless the systems are managed using a corporate update management solution
such as Systems Management Server 2003 or the new Windows Server Update
Services (available now as a release candidate). In such cases, updates may
be configured for optional delivery from a server under the IT
administrator's complete control.


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