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pat 03-01-2005 12:51 PM

New Motherboard

From: "pat" <>
Subject: Re: New Motherboard
Date: 01 March 2005 12:37

Have already run spybot and AVG. Have deleted the trojan virus in safe mode
with system restore disabled, but it still comes back at 13.34 every day.

"James" <> wrote in message
> "pat" <> wrote in message
> news:d01lf6$s3l$
>>I have got an engineer coming tomorrow to replace my motherboard on my
>>computer (Windows XP, Packard Bell). Something to do with a duff battery
>>that should remember everything when my computer starts up. I have at the
>>moment got a trojan horse downloader virus, which I have had for ages and
>>keep deleting the file, but it comes back at exactly the same time every
>>day, after it's deleted, it's gone until the next day. Does anyone know
>>if, by replaceing the motherboard, there is any chance that my virus will
>>be gone for good afterwards. Also, will having a new motherboard change
>>anything that is on my computer now, ie: settings, installations or saved
>>files and emails.

> Certainly NOT! - Replace the motherboard battery to cure that problem with
> the motherboard not remembering settings (; - To remove spyware run
> Spybot - virus check the system with an up to date virus checker and allow
> it to delete or heal the virus. Replacing the motherboard will have no
> effect on a virus - the virus is most certainly on your hard drive - so
> the worst scenerio is to wipe your hard drive and to re-install XP - You
> will still have a virus on your hard drive, after a motherboard
> replacement the chances are you may have to re-install XP anyway -
> --
> James Jenkins
> ..........................................

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