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monk 01-06-2005 04:43 AM

Constantly rebooting?
I have a computer that I recently reinstalled Windows XP on. The re-install
was due to a HUGE infestation of spyware and general crap. Everything went
fine. I reinstalled all drivers, and updated with windows update. The
problem is........three weeks later, my girlfriend tells me that the screen
resolution is all out of whack all of a sudden!! So, I tell her to adjust
it. She goes to adjust it, and instead of fixing the
turns the whole screen...icons and all....sideways??? WTF? She tries
again, and it fixes the resolution, everything goes back to normal. About
five minutes later, the computer reboots all on its own, and gets stuck in a
"loop" of constant rebooting. She gets it off......give it time to "cool",
starts it up again, and it does the same thing......constantly reboots as
soon as it gets to the desktop.

Here is the question. Could it be a hardware problem.....such as video??
The video is integrated to the motherboard...does that mean the whole
motherboard is shot...if in fact this is the case???

Could it be a bad power supply??

Could it be a Virus??

Could it be due to a wrong driver??

Or could it be due to all of the above.

It is a fairly new pc......tons of ram......P4 2.5 or something....its a

Where should I start.......Can anyone help me out??

Thanks in advance.


Monk 01-06-2005 05:12 AM

Re: Constantly rebooting?
On Thu, 06 Jan 2005 04:43:33 GMT, "monk" <>

|> Where should I start.......

Try a second account and see if that works, if it does, your other
profile is trash'd.

Try Guest (no password)

Where I'd start.


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