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Martin 01-05-2005 06:27 PM

mp3s to Sony mini disc player - how?
been trying to write mp3s to my mini disc player, which has all sort
of restrictions for piracy etc on the Sony software.

The text below from a message board explains the process of using
Nero, and writing an image file which is fine, but when it comes to
step 3 and 'mounting' the image file as a virtual drive so that simple
burn can see it - do you know how to do this ?
================================================== ====
I found a quick and easy way to get my mp3's onto my MD by using
Simple Burn. I haven't seen this on any other post and my apologies if
I'm just repeating someone else's idea.

CAVEAT- you need Nero, and nero's imagedrive, or something similar
that can create a virtual CD disc image, and mount it to your desktop.

Five easy steps to a clean and hassle free mp3-md burn:
1. Open nero, select Audio CD from the presets and drag all the MP3's
you want into it. Nero is far less picky about formats and sample
rates. I found this method foolproof.

2. Save or 'Burn' your cd to your hard drive (not your burner). Nero
will give you a default filename of 'image.nrg'

3. Use Nero's imagedrive (bundled with nero) to mount the .nrg you
just created. Lets say for this example, drive 'F'

I'm not an expert, but I found these 3 steps took around 2 MINUTES or
less for a regular sized audio cd, ie: about 10 mp3 tracks to be
converted and 'burned' to my hard drive as a regular audio CD 'image'.
I have a PIII 1gig, so that would have helped with the mp3-aif
conversion times. Faster machine=faster mp3 conversion=faster image

Now If you know how to use Simple Burn, the rest as they say, goes
without saying.

4. Select your 'virtual F' cd drive in Simple Burn & burn that sucker.

5. When you're done, trash the .nrg file sitting on your desktop
(large file).


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