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Wayfarer 11-27-2004 09:42 PM

"Locking" Tray Notifications

Being somewhat finicky, it annoys me when I set a system tray icon to
either "Always Show" or "Always Hide" and it keeps getting reset back to
whatever it was.

Is there a way to lock down what I set?

I'm running Windows XP w/SP2. Though I doubt it matters, these are the
apps in the system tray:

- Roboform
- FreePOPs
- Fresh Download
- Highstream Turbo (some web accelerator from my ISP)
- KeyNote
- NetLaunch XP
- AVG Free Edition Control Center
- Sygate Personal Firewall
- FreeRAM XP Pro
- Volume
- Safely Remove Hardware
- Network (Dialup) Connection




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