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Jared 11-27-2004 07:17 PM

FYI, Found A Great Deal On Webhosting :)
Click this link below or paste it into you browser to take advantage of this incredible Thanksgiving
savings from Globat Web Hosting! Hurry this offer ends soon!!!
Plan Features:
2,500 MB web server space
2,500 POP e-mail Accounts
75 GB Transfer
24-hour FTP/Control Panel <../cp/gcc.php>Access
Support for Multiple Domain Pointers ($12 per pointer)
MS FrontPage 2002, Flash, MYSQL, PHP4, PERL5 and SSI Support
Stats Package (analyze your traffic)
Unlimited e-mail forwarding, alias & autoresponders
Geographical domain hosting
Web based E-Mail (@Mail) <../cp/webmail.php>
Web based account management center
Your very own cgi-bin directory
Tutorials <>
24-hour Signature Support
Live Chat Support

Gary G. Taylor 11-27-2004 09:08 PM

Re: FYI, Found A Great Deal On Webhosting :)
Jared wrote:

You really expect us to click on a link to a web host--A WEB HOST,
mind--that has been spamming newsgroups relentlessly for the past two
months? Do you think we are out of our minds, that we want NO connectivity
with the rest of the Internet and that we want to be taken down when you go
broke? FOAD.
Gary G. Taylor * Rialto, CA
gary at donavan dot org / http:// geetee dot donavan dot org
"The two most abundant things in the universe
are hydrogen and stupidity." --Harlan Ellison

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