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LAH 08-23-2004 08:05 PM

old ATI DVD player (software)
Windows 98 First Edition
Rage Pro Turbo AGP 2x (English) Version 1024
PCI 64 V Playback
DirectX 9 (dxdiag says " Hardware accelerated Direct 3D 8= is not available
because the display driver does not support it. You may be able to get a
newer one from your hardware manufacturer". I haven't tried and frankly
wouldn't know what to get even if one was available. I find the ATI site
really confusing. I just can't figure it out.)
ATI DVD Player version 1.22 Region 1

More and more frequently (these days it's almost all) I'm unable to play
DVDs. Usually I get a message concerning parental control. Nothing I've
tried gets me past it. I see nothing in the help files to indicate there
even is a parental control feature on this player.

I've looked at the ATI website and there are several newer versions. I'm
not sure what version, if any, would work with my old system. Even if I
knew, I see that installation requires a CD containing a previous version.
My player came bundled on my Hewlet Packard and I have no ATI CD - just the
recovery CDs. I see that I could purchase a CD but I'm not sure what
version would work. In addition there appears to be numerous drivers with
nearly identical names. To put it simply - I'm confused about what I need
and scared of making a mistake.

In desperation I downloaded something called InterActual Player. It works
98% of the time but more often than I'd like it seems to find something it
doesn't like and I'll get a message that it's going to close ( which it
does). Occasionally I'll get a dvd that doesn't want to play past the
opening clips. I'm suspicious that the problem is not entirely with the
player but also with my system as things appear to run more smoothly if I
restart the computer without loading the startup items. I could live with
that but I don't especially like the black box or rectangle I sometimes get
when going to fullscreen. I can usually manage to get it going right but
it's sort of a pain. It's just that when I can get the ATI DVD player to
work I don't have any of those problems.

1. Should I pursue trying to find a newer version of ATI DVD player? If
so please give the computer nitwit asking this some pretty specific
2. Has anyone heard of InterActual Player? Is it OK or is it full of
adware or other things I may not want on my computer?
3. Are there any other dvd players available that would work well with my
old system? If the price is reasonable I'm not adverse to paying but free
is good too. Also it would be nice if I didn't need to download any
additional files or codecs (whatever they are).
4. Does anyone know of a "work around" the problem with parental control on
the version of ATI DVD player I currently have?

Thanks in advance! Lois

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