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Joel Finkel 08-03-2003 08:50 PM

Re: What programming language do you recommend?

C++ was never a language for newbies. I am forever incredulous that there were ever teachers who used this horrible language for their introductory computer classes. And I am furious that there still are. I just learned that a computer camp for 15-year-old kids is teaching programming with C++.

It is a crazy enough language with which to write real applications. It is a terrible language with which to teach programming concepts. I don't know why teachers don't use PASCAL, which was invented by Niklaus Wirth specifically to teach programming: alogrithms and data structures.. After all this time, object oriented programming is still based on algorithms and data structures.

C# appears to me to be a direct descendant of PASCAL. This is not at all surprising because the genius behind the .NET architecture is Anders Hejlberg, who was the genius behind Borland's Delphi application. Delphi was always years ahead of any other development environment. Delphi is PASCAL, and has been a positive joy to use.

I try to do all my Visual.NET work in C#. It has a very clean syntax.

-Joel Finkel

"Thomas Scheidegger [MVP]" <> wrote in message news:OIR%23B2GLDHA.2512@TK2MSFTNGP10.phx.gbl...
> The 'classic' Visual C++ .NET is different.
> I don't think it is any longer a language for newbies.
> For C# vs. VB.NET, this is pure personal preference:
> The differences are very small.
> If you liked the classic VB syntax,
> maybe you will also like VB.NET.
> IMO: For everything else, try to start with C#.
> But learning one of this languages
> is only a (small) part of your success.
> MUCH more important is to understand the .NET Framework.
> (Technology, Namespaces, Classes, Methods)
> --
> Thomas Scheidegger - MVP .NET - 'NETMaster'
> -

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