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JohnnyCanuck 01-25-2004 04:34 PM

Re: Open Ports
I'm running XP Pro - how do I check for open ports?

wisefool 01-25-2004 07:46 PM

Re: Open Ports
JohnnyCanuck said:
> I'm running XP Pro - how do I check for open ports?

To know what ports have servers on them right now on your machine
type netstat -aon at the command prompt. These are your locally open
ports right now. In terms of what people on the Internet can see of this,
this is determined by your firewall software.

ICF (Internet Connection Firewall) is a very basic firewall that comes
with Windows XP -- enable this by checking the following checkbox:

Start > Settings > Network Connections > Right click connection
name and select Properties > Advanced > Protect my computer
and network...

Then click Settings on the same dialog box. The services list that
comes up is a list of things that people on the Internet will be able to
see and use on your machine. I dunno what the msmsgs stuff is. You
can add (Add/check checkbox) and remove (uncheck checkbox)
access to services to your hearts content. I don't know whether to
recommend disabling the msmsgs stuff -- leave it on until you work out
whether it is a good idea to disable it.

Otherwise if you have another firewall (you should "use protection" of some
kind) read its documentation. Some people here use the ZoneAlarm
software which is a firewall with extra features but there are plenty of
software packages.

If you don't use either ICF or a third-party firewall, people will be able
see all of the netstat -aon ports -- not a good idea generally. But don't
double-firewall and enable both ICF and a third-party firewall. Use one
or the other.


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