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Trai' La Trash 01-14-2004 09:35 AM

Cat5 Cable Tester
Someone I chatted with in here I asked what cable tester I use,I went to my
truck and got it.
It's the Siemons STM-8 with the extra ends for doing shielded and non
shielded cable.
The STM-8 is an economical and versatile hand-held tester. It is capable of
testing 1 meter (3 ft.) to 900 meters (2,950 ft.) of 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-pair
UTP cable for opens, shorts, reversals, miswires and split pairs. The rugged
state-of-the-art construction, easy-to-read LCD display, and multiple
remotes allow one person to quickly test and identify up to four different
cable runs from one location. The STM-8 can generate tone on any pin and, in
TALK BAT mode, will enable communications by applying talk battery voltage
between the center two pins.

The STM-8 tests T568A, T568B, USOC, 10BASE-T, Token Ring, and TP-PMD wiring
configurations. Each of the LCD segments represents a modular connector pin
location. In FIND mode, the unit will detect and identify which wiring
scheme is present in the cable being tested. Voltage protection enables the
tester to withstand typical telephone line voltages. A low battery
indication is provided, as well as an automatic shut-off feature to extend
battery life.

The STM-8 consists of a hand-held master unit and a remote. The kit comes
packaged in a padded nylon carrying case with one identifiable remote, two
modular test cords, The Siemon Company's Wiring Reference Guide, instruction
book, warranty card and a 9V alkaline battery. The modular cords are
equipped with patented "Universal" plugs which fit into any standard 6- or
8-position modular jack.

I also have a tone & probe to trace wires model 200EP Inductive Amp and
77HP tracer. (This was a nice freebie from my neighbor who works for Lucent)


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