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Robert 12-31-2003 02:16 AM

hp photosmart 7760 problems
I have installed a HP Photosmart 7760 on an HP Pavilion 525C. I follow the
instructions exactly and the software installs fine and the printer prints
perfect, but if you turn of the system or do a system restart, it will hang
on the blue HP logo screen.
You have to unplug the power from the computer and plug it back in and it
will reboot. If the printer is unplugged from the computers usb it will
boot fine. I have downloaded updated drivers from HP but it don't help. I
installed a HP deskjet on the computer thru the usb and it works fine. I
tried the Photosmart on an older computer that I built and it works fine,
but it will not let the HP reboot. It is running Windows XP, AMD Athalon XP
2600, 512 MB Ram. Any one got any ideas on what could be wrong.

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