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Ieuan Adams 07-24-2003 07:46 PM

Re: receiving Bytes and sending Bytes

"pat" <> wrote in message
> can some one help:I am connected to the internet but some times, my
> computer will stop receiving Bytes and stop sending
> they also and I am unable to chance sites on the internet until I refresh
> or just wait for a minuet or two some times hitting the refresh button is
> the only way to get it to working again dose any one know why this

> or how to fix it
> thank in advance pat

The same happens to me on my dial-up connection, as it does to my parents
and brothers:-( I think it's just one of the weird and wonderful facts of
life to do with the internet, as far as I can figure out packets of data get
lost or there's a bottleneck somewhere - when you hit refresh the data
you're sending/receiving gets rerouted. I don't know of any fix, I have used
a T1 connection (Ethernet, 10Mbps) at university on a regular basis and yes,
its' faster but the same problems with web sites sometime giving up the
ghost for no reason still occurs. Sorry.
Hope this helps,

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