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Ben 07-22-2003 11:39 AM

Re: Found new Hardware
"Burt" <> wrote in message news:<APDNa.21208$bK5.457158@twister.tampabay.rr.c om>...
> I am using xp and have a 952c HP printer(usb), it seems to work fine,
> however when I turn on the computer I get the pop up saying found new
> hardware.the wizard says cannot install properly, might not work. I
> uninstalled the printer in device manager and then rebooted and inserted the
> usb cord. Found new hardware pop up came up with the same message.The
> printer appears in control panel under printers.How do I stop this popup? I
> went to Hip's web page and that stated I had the latest drivers installed.
> Thanks

I'm getting exactly the same problem and I have a HP scanner too. I
think it's causing problems with my tv tuner software too. I only
updated my scanner software a few days ago and these problems occured
straight afterwards. HP writes HORRIBLE software - a system roll back
should fix it.

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