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Patrick 07-19-2003 10:51 AM

Re: window updates?
Hello again, I'm replying to my own post because as I said I was going to
delete your post, which I did (didn't help much).
Anyway about what you ask; Microsoft never sent e-mail concerning updates,
so anything claiming to be so has to be malware of some sort (as friend
says). Thus simply delete it without opening it.
Sorry can't see if anyone else has answered you, but I would be surprised if
you've not been 'flamed' about your clock (usual occurence).
Best of luck Patrick

Patrick wrote:
> Hello, you appear to have sent this on 19th July at 13:09
> The time here is 11:26
> ie, you are posting from the future.
> I mention this matter because I am not getting any new postings and I
> believe it to be caused by your post.
> Thus it is that when I have finished sending this, I am going to
> delete your post to see if I get my new posts.
> No offence intended, though you might check your clock anyway.
> dawn lienhard wrote:
>> ok i know it's getting tirresome ,but i keep getting "window security
>> patches &updates" in my e mail. i delete them, but i came back ( i
>> asked another wiser then myself) what the stuff was ,& he said it
>> was
>> a virus program, but how can i tell what's safe now ? & is there
>> any way possible to add a virus scan to just emailwithout having to
>> run complete scan each time ? like is there a virus program that can
>> be installed directly into .on the outlook express?

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