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Zknb 07-11-2003 12:07 AM

Re: Comcast to cap newsgroup downloads?

Messages posted to newsgroups must comply with the written charters or
FAQs for those newsgroups as well as any other terms and conditions
applicable to any particular newsgroups or provider of newsgroups.
Advertisements, solicitations, or other commercial messages should be
posted only in those newsgroups whose charters or FAQs explicitly
permit them. You are responsible for determining the policies of a
given newsgroup before posting to it. Comcast reserves the right to
discontinue access to any newsgroup at any time for any reason.
Comcast permits users of the Service to download a maximum of one
gigabyte (1GB) of newsgroup content in any one month, unless users are
subject to a Service plan that permits downloading more newsgroup

On Thu, 10 Jul 2003 20:11:49 GMT, Arnold Gallagher
<> wrote:

>Someone in absm.spoken-word said that Comcast is looking to outsource its
>usenet service, and that a 1 gigabyte/month download cap is likely. Does
>anyone have any info on this?
>It seems to me that the chief benefit of broadband is binary groups; it's
>not that much faster for web pages, because you spend most of your time
>reading web pages, not waiting for huge j-pegs to download.
>A 1GB cap would make broadband, for me, essentially worthless. I'd have
>to go back to a $10/month dialup account and save $40/month. Yes, the
>guy who wrote
>> Guess what? You'll NEVER cancel Comcast, and they know it!

>is right in most cases. Inertia is strong...but $480/year is quite an
>incentive to get me off my duff!
>Yes, capping downloads at 1GB/month seems like a great way to cut
>expenses. It also seems like a great way to slash revenue.
>Anyone have any more information? Thanks.

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