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Dr. Harvie Wahl-Banghor 07-09-2003 04:36 AM

Re: cold, damp weather....
Some time, on or about: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 14:27:17 +1000, "kay & wand"
<> was criminally insane in my
professional opinion when they claimed the following balderdash:

>have an old propretory edit system (sony proprietory) runs on a
>pent 200 (yes, it's old but its excellent) - in cold weather (and especially
>damp) i have system hard drive error, ie., hd failure / no hd. leave it on
>to warm up and i get it back.
>other than changing hd, what can i do about it? ie. heat up the room for a
>couple of hours? blow heater on box?
>any suggestions most welcome. other than getting a new system! this works
>brilliantly other than the 'cold start'....

Try changing the ribbon cable, though I can't imagine why your machine
would be affected unless you lived in a cave,

Dr Harvie Wahl-Banghor

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