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David L 06-23-2003 04:49 AM

Active Directory and VPN setup
I need help to setup active directory for my Windows 2000 servers (two
excluding the DMZ server with its own AD domain) that will be running
a number of Windows 2000 services (e.g. terminal). The internet link,
connected to ADSL service from an ISP, will be attached to a router
that has a VPN capable NAT.

It may be possible that I will get Microsoft ISA2000 server to do port
filtering, and maybe Microsoft Certificate Services for authentication

The server connected directly behind the DMZ is where my .NET
application development environment will be hosted. Besides terminal
services, it will also be storing users files for authorised VPN
users, which will be partitioned for privacy concerns.

The last server will host the primary Active Directory definitions,
multiuser SQL database, and certificate server if appropriate.

I think there exists problems with Microsoft IPSec secured VPNs and
NAT software on router and I need a workaround or alternative to allow
use of IPSEC if possible.

Assuming my configuration described above can and should be laid out
as said, can someone help me get a step by step list of how to define
the Active Directory AND VPN setup for the entire server network.

Thanks in advance for direct help, or leads for help available (e.g.
mailing list)

23rd June

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