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Ralph Wade Phillips 06-21-2003 03:09 PM

Re: NT4 and Win2k share access from Win ME PC?

"Jules" <> wrote in message om...
> Hi, stupid (simple!) file sharing problem which I should know the
> answer to but have forgotten :-)
> I've got three machines here on a LAN (and communicating with the
> outside world via a dedicated firewall) - one dual boot Win2k / Linux,
> one running Win ME, and one triple boot running Win NT 4
> (workstation), MSDOS 6 and Linux. I'm only interested in sharing files
> between the windows platforms, and the network is behaving fine for
> other non-share-related activities.
> The Win2k machine can access shares on the NT and ME machines fine.
> The NT machine can access shares on the Win2k and ME machine without
> problems. The trouble is, the ME machine can't access anything :-(
> I can't even bring up a list of shares on the remote machine from ME;
> I get a dialog box up giving the resource to connect to as \\WEKA\IPC$
> and asking for a password. Trying to access the shares via a DOS shell
> using 'net use' gives the same problems.

You've missed the most obvious thing - you need to create an account
on BOTH the 2K and the NT box, with the same username and password you use
to log onto the ME box, and grant that account access.

You ARE accessing it, you're just not AUTHENTICATING, so it won't
let you see the files.

"But I don't enter a name or password, and I don't log onto the ME

OK - when ME is up and running, go Start --> Log Off ... and from
the box that results, write down the name in the "UserName" field. Press
ENTER or click "OK".

Create an account on both boxes with that name, an empty password,
and be sure to tell it "Does not need to change password" AND "Password does
not expire".

Problem solved.


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