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anita 12-20-2005 09:45 PM

Caching database data in XML -how is it done ?
I am trying to figure out how all this fits together...

My database has some articles which are personalized, ie., a user gets
to see certain articles depending on the user type.
When a a request for an article comes in, depending on the logged in
user, the article is to be served.
The articles themselves dont change very often, so I was thinking that
the first time an article is accessed, it is accessed from the database
an XML DOM is created and written to the filesystem as static HTML for
the article after applying XSLT to the generated XML.
The next time someother user or the same user accesses this article,
the file system is checked first to see if the html file for the
article exists.. If it does it is passed back (or futher processed into
html before being passed back).
The idea is to make the reads of the article from the filesystem, but
still retain its structure in the database, so that way I can change
the XSLT and have a different way of presenting the article.

How does this sound ? How is the requirement for avoiding avoid
database access for dynamic (but not highly so) data handled ? I
vaguely realize I can do some of this with caching directives in a
JSP, not sure how.

The bottom line, I'd like to be able to handle requests to the
webserver for user specific data (the data itself is in html after
being retrieved from the db once) by serving back html from the


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