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TadPole 11-08-2005 07:31 AM

absolute position in FOP and following/preceding text
I am using FOP to create PDF documents.

I have the problem where I need to create line of text on a document in
a certain line (absolute position), then the rest of the text needs to
follow after that fixed line of text.

What I am getting is the fixed line of text starting at the correct
place, but then the rest of the text is then starting at the top of the

Is there any way of getting the rest of the text to follow the line of
the fixed line of text.

The rest of the text can be in any format, and there may be another
fixed line of text after the initial one, in these cases the text would
have to follow the next fixed line of text.

I am using MATCH templates, and cannot use for-each.

XML example

<fixed text 1>
<text>bla fixed 1</text>
<fixed text 1>
<normal text 1>
<text>bla normal 1</text>
<normal text 1>
<normal text 2>
<text>bla normal 2</text>
<normal text 2>
<normal text 3>
<text>bla normal 3</text>
<normal text 3>
<fixed text 2>
<text>bla fixed 2</text>
<fixed text 2>
<normal text 4>
<text>bla normal 4</text>
<normal text 4>
<normal text 5>
<text>bla normal 5</text>
<normal text 5>
<normal text 6>
<text>bla normal 6</text>
<normal text 6>

Document example

-----------------------------------------top of doc

bla fixed 1
bla normal 1
bla normal 2
bla normal 3

bla fixed 2

bla normal 4
bla normal 5
bla normal 6

---------------------------------------------- end of doc

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