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Marcelo 11-01-2005 06:51 PM

DJDE File to PDF
Hi Guys,

I have the following question.

I have a Xerox DJDE File that I want to convert to PDF.

I was thinking about generating a XML file from the DJDE file, then use
a XSLT file to generate a XSL:FO file and use a XSL:FO processor to
create de PDF file.

I'm really new with this, so I'd like to know if anybody knows programs
(preferable free) or the process involved in this transformation, I
mean if you know about any of this issues:

1- The way to generate a XML file from a DJDE file. I'm thinking about
develop a program to do this, but I think is not a very easy task.

2- The way to generate the XSLT file with the information gathered from
the DJDE file. or a way to create a XSLT file from any kind of

3- The way to generate the XSL:FO using the XML and the XSLT file. I
mean some application to use.

4- And a way to generate the PDF File from the XSL:FO. I think I can
use FOP but I don't know another way.

Any further information/consideration I must know about this process.

I think 2 and 3 are more related to this forum but I ask 1 and 4 too,
because maybe someone has knowledge about this issues too.

THANKS A LOT for any help about this issue.



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