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Scott Abel 09-28-2005 05:29 PM

[ANN] Adobe FrameMaker 2005 Conference Update
The Adobe FrameMaker 2005 Chautauqua is scheduled for Raleigh, NC this
7-9. This email contains information about one of the presentations
on FrameMaker and CMS.

In addition to this presentation, Adobe currently has 4 people coming
present! Two are from the FrameMaker Product team, while two others
from the internal tech docs team. The latter are coming to present on
Adobe's internal FrameMaker+DITA implementation.*

Update on the conference schedule: We are currently negotiating with a
sponsor who wishes to hold a reception the first conference
tuned for more schedule details!

Thank you,

Kay Ethier, Conference Manager

* Note-Bright Path Solutions is pleased to report that we provide
& training services to Adobe's docs team and Idiom throughout the Adobe
implementation project. (We also produced the DITA application set to
with FrameMaker 7.2 :-)

PRESENTATION: Content Management Systems and FrameMaker

Dual Speakers: Scott Abel & Rob Hanna

Presentation Description: Adobe FrameMaker has earned its stripes as
the authoring tool
of choice for a large segment of our technical writing community. Adobe
achieved this
success by delivering a solid, extensible piece of software that works
advertised in just about any situation. Content management systems are
helping extend FrameMaker functionality further to meet the complex
needs of
today's technical communicators without the need for FrameMaker
plug-ins or

In this two-part presentation, join content management strategist,
Abel, on a journey to understand content management systems that "work
FrameMaker. You'll learn what they do -- and don't do -- and what that
means to you. Scott will take a look at some of the best features
around and
attempt to demystify some of the marketing mumbo jumbo.

Next, Rob Hanna of SiberLogic will explore the SiberSafe XML Content
Management System. Rob will explain how SiberSafe helps FrameMaker
users get
the most out of structured content by leveraging the systems powerful
content management functionality.

More details coming soon to the conference website.

PRESENTATION TIME AND DATE: Wednesday, November 9, 2005 - 9:45am -
Track 2
(Structured FrameMaker Track)

If you are interested in attending the Frame conference, information is
online . Or, feel
free to
email me directly at or call

The main conference sponsor is Siberlogic: .
Please visit their website and thank them for their support of the
FrameMaker community.

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