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Tagging HTML with RDF
Hi everyone- I need a quick pointer from someone on how to mark up HTML
with RDF tags. Suppose, for instance, on my web page, I had the

"Last Wednesday I ate a turkey sandwich at Subway"

Now suppose I wanted to link this up to a common RDF ontologies that
contains food items, such as the one at


Is there a "correct" or at least sensible way of doing this? For
instance, would it be correct to say the following in the HTML:

<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf=""
Last Wednesday I ate a <food:LightMeatFowlCourse>turkey
sandwich</food:LightMeatFowlCourse> at Subway

(note the tags around the text for the sandwich)

If this is not correct, where can I find out how to properly mark up
HTML with RDF? The standard RDF resources I was able to find do not
seem to address this particular question- I can find info on how to
mark up an ENTIRE web page, but not a specific text fragment.

Any pointers are appreciated!

Conrad Barski, M.D. 07-06-2005 04:06 PM

Re: Tagging HTML with RDF
I have found some info dealing with this issue, for anyone

The answer is to use the same techniques commonly used for laying out
an entire web page, but to use bookmarks (using <a name...>) or
XPointer queries to refer to subsections in the document- No RDF is
stored at the actual locations of the text fragments in the body text.

For an example, search for "#XPointer" in the following doc:

Conrad Barski, M.D.

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