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RedGrittyBrick 04-23-2005 05:58 PM

Docbook customisation layer and Linux db2pdf (Jade)
I'm having problems creating/using a Docbook customisation layer in
Linux (Fedora Core 1) when using the sb2pdf wrapper for Jade.

If I take example.xml from

I can produce a PDF file using "db2pdf example.xml", during which Jade
reports the path to the docbook stylesheets.

If I then take the customisation skeletion example.xsl from
and modifying the import href to match the path reported by Jade. When I
run "db2pdf -d example.xsl example.xml", I get lots of errors indicating
that Jade is having problems parsing the xsl.

Am I right in thinking this is because Jade is expecting DSSL?

Thanks for any clues?

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