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Malcolm Dew-Jones 10-03-2004 07:12 AM

Re: Generate XML with ASP
reuben ( wrote:

: Hi, I am generating an xml document with ASP, in other words, when I
: open the ASP file in the web browser, an XML document is being
: returned. My problem is that I can access this ASP file only from my
: network Pc's. When I try to acess this ASP file remotely, I get a 404
: error. I'm sure that other ASP files are functioning correctly, even
: remotely. So this must be something with XML. I am running on IIS 6. Do
: I have to set any permissions when returning an XML document? I
: appreciate every type of help. Thanks.

Wow, three identical posts!

I'm sure that a group that discusses asp servers, or even web servers in
general, would tell you much more than this group could about what could
cause your problems.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with xml, though it _might_ have something
to do with the software you use to help you generate xml. That, however,
would still not make it an xml problem.

It is some kind of problem with the configuration of your asp server.

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