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Patricia R Benjamin 07-31-2004 03:54 PM

XML Analyst [JOB:]

XML Analyst


- Leads team of publishers in the development and maintenance
of a single-source oriented publishing environment

- Analyzes existing systems and makes revisions to improve
production processes

- Evaluates new technologies and makes recommendations for the
use of alternative solutions and tools

- Provides requirements analysis for integrated systems

- As needed, develop project plans with well-defined
tasks, deliverables, time estimates, and required

- Perform other duties as required


- Bachelors degree in related discipline or equivalent
combination of education and experience

- Thorough knowledge of SGML/XML concepts, terminology,
and processes

- Knowledge and experience with a variety of structured
publishing and authoring systems

- Knowledge of ATA specifications and aviation is


- Able to work within a team or lead a team

- Strong communication skills

- Strong organizing skills




Commensurate with location and skills

Pat Benjamin, Prescott Group
856-354-7651 (voice)
856-354-8274 (fax)

All Correspondence held is strictest confidence!

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